While teaching, I strive to facilitate a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere in which students and teacher are actively engaged with one another in the creation of knowledge.

Too often, classrooms develop power dynamics that mirror those of society, with students from positions of privilege most comfortable expressing themselves in academic environments. As a teacher, I try to challenge these dynamics and celebrate the opportunity for myself and my students to learn from the diversity present in the classroom.


Courses Taught

University of California, Berkeley

Soc190: Age of Anxiety: Risk and Uncertainty in the Modern World
Instructor, Fall 2016

Soc160: The Sociology of Culture
Instructor, Summer 2015, Summer 2017

Soc103: The Sociology of Pierre Bourdieu
Graduate Student Instructor, Fall 2014

Soc102: Sociological Theory II
Graduate Student Instructor, Spring 2014

Soc101: Sociological Theory I
Graduate Student Instructor, Fall 2013

Soc1: Introduction to Sociology
Graduate Student Instructor, Spring 2013

Williston State College
Williston, North Dakota

Soc110: Introduction to Sociology
Instructor, Fall 2015, Spring 2016

Soc115: Social Problems
Instructor, Spring 2016

Soc235: Cultural Diversity
Instructor, Spring 2016

Harvard College

Soc167: Documenting Social Problems in Documentary Film and Photography
Teaching Assistant, Fall 2007